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The FLA introduced SAF Approved status on 1 August 2009. SAF Approved expands SAF-certification from individual staff to motor dealerships.

Dealerships or dealer groups can voluntarily become SAF Approved if all employees involved in the sale of finance have passed the SAF competence test. It is available to all motor dealerships free of charge and can be applied for via the existing SAF competence test.

SAF Approved recognises a company’s commitment to increased professional standards and knowledge on motor finance. The FLA will audit company records and require the annual submission of a SAF compliance statement to ensure dealerships adhere to the SAF guidance note. The guidance note requires companies to act fairly, reasonably and responsibly when discussing and selling motor finance to customers. Dealers that apply for SAF Approved are therefore voluntarily adopting the SAF guidance note and making a commitment to protecting their customers. If the FLA is informed of non-compliance with the guidance note then we will fully investigate the matter with the associated finance company and a dealer may lose its SAF Approved status.   

Dealerships that meet the FLA’s eligibility criteria for SAF Approved are sent a SAF welcome pack in recognition of their achievement. The welcome pack includes a range of branded material, including a wall plaque, for use in showrooms. Dealers are also entitled to use SAF logos in advertising and marketing communications. SAF Approved will help car buyers identify dealers who are committed to consumer protection and providing better information and advice on automotive finance.

Why become SAF Approved?

Free access to reference material that reflects the latest information on motor finance products and motor finance regulation.

Access to the free of charge online SAF competence test.

Raise the professional standards and knowledge of employees to ensure car buyers are guided to the best products for their needs and budget.

SAF provides professional recognition for individuals and companies.

Ability to use SAF promotional material in showrooms and in local advertising to help attract customers.

Consistent showroom standards to instil confidence in car buyers and retain existing customers.

All of the above may have a positive impact on new and used car finance applications.

The FLA has introduced a SAF Approved dealer directory to help car buyers search for their nearest dealership who have met the SAF professional standards. This further benefits dealers who are SAF Approved. The directory is hosted on www.FinancingYourCar.org.uk the FLA’s consumer guidance web site.  

Click here to register for the SAF competence test.

Click here to download SAF Approved guidance note and compliance statement


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