SAF Competence Test

A new version of the SAF test and reference material (to reflect changes introduced by the FCA’s new regulatory regime) will be available from early August 2014.


The SAF Competence Test is an annual test aimed at all customer-facing staff in motor dealerships. The aim of the test is to improve the professional standards and knowledge of staff on motor finance for the benefit of car buyers and the industry.

FLA members believe that improving consumer confidence in finance is a shared challenge for the retail motor and motor finance industries, and so the SAF competence test is free of charge to all dealerships.   

The online test, which must be renewed every 12 months, consists of 60 challenging multiple-choice questions and must be completed within 60 minutes. The syllabus for the SAF competence test can be downloaded here.

Individuals who pass the SAF competence are awarded with a Certificate of SAF Competence and become SAF Experts. SAF certificates expire 12 months after they were awarded. Certificates must be renewed when they have expired. By having to retake the SAF test every 12 months, industry employees are tested on the latest motor finance products and the surrounding regulation – ensuring car buyers also receive the very latest information and guidance.

The test system is simple to use and navigate. Instructions on how to register your company for the test are available here and instructions on how to take the test can be downloaded here.

Your company’s registration for the SAF competence test and SAF records should be managed by a nominated Master Administrator (MA). The MA should be a senior manager within your company. He or she will manage your company’s SAF records, access the full range of reporting tools and handle any queries from colleagues. The guides on this page will provide all the information you will need.

Register for the SAF Competence Test here.

As soon as all of a dealership’s customer-facing employees have passed the SAF test (and are therefore SAF Experts), a second category of SAF-certification will become available. Dealerships and dealer groups can apply for company certification, also known as SAF Approved.  For more information on SAF Approved please click here.


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