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A new version of the SAF test and reference material (to reflect changes introduced by the FCA’s new regulatory regime) will be available from early August 2014.


SAF has been introduced by the Finance and Leasing Association (FLA) to raise professional standards and improve the knowledge of motor dealership staff involved in sale of motor finance. SAF will help to boost consumer confidence in motor finance by providing better information and advice in showrooms on which product is right for them.

The SAF logo is a kite-mark for car buyers. SAF recognises dealers and their employees who have voluntarily raised their standard of knowledge on motor finance for the benefit of customers.

The FLA is the trade association for the motor finance industry. More on the FLA

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SAF Competence Test

What is the SAF Competence Test?

The SAF competence test is an annual test aimed at all customer-facing staff in motor dealerships. The aim of the test is to improve the professional standards and knowledge of staff on motor finance for the benefit of car buyers and the industry.

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About SAF Approved

SAF Approved recognises a company‘s commitment to increased professional standards and knowledge on motor finance.

Dealerships or dealer groups can voluntarily become SAF Approved if all customer facing employees involved in the sale of finance have passed the SAF competence test. It is available to all motor dealerships free of charge and can be applied for via the existing SAF competence test.

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