• SAF benefits for Motor Dealerships
  • SAF benefits for Car buyers

SAF provides professional recognition and credibility

The SAF test helps staff to boost their car finance knowledge to ensure that car buyers are guided to the best products for their needs and budget. ​

  • Free access to training materials and competence test.
  • Helps deliver consistent showroom standards.
  • Supports the professional development of staff.
  • Boosts consumer confidence in car finance information.

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‘SAF Approved’ dealers will clearly explain the range of car finance options to car buyers.

Car buyers will benefit from improved information on their car finance options and their consumer rights under finance agreements.

  • Consistent information on car finance options.
  • Help you understand which agreement is right for you.
  • Personally guide you through the process of applying for car finance.

Tests have been completed this year.

FinancingYourCar.org.ukThe FLA’s impartial website for car buyers on their car finance options.

The Finance & Leasing Association


The FLA is the leading trade body for the motor finance, asset finance and consumer credit industries in the UK. Last year, FLA member finance companies provided £100 billion to consumers and businesses, including £32.7 billion for the purchase of vehicles. The FLA introduced Specialist Automotive Finance (SAF) in 2007 to help raise the standard of car finance information provided in showrooms for the benefit of car buyers. SAF is funded by FLA member finance companies.  

Training Materials


The FLA has developed training material to help you and your colleagues prepare for the online SAF test. The material can be studied online, or downloaded and printed as a PDF via the links below.


  • 75% of consumers purchase their new cars using dealer finance.

  • The ten largest dealer groups are all ‘SAF Approved’.

  • Over 20,000 motor industry employees participate in SAF.

  • Over 25% of all UK showrooms are ‘SAF Approved’.

  • Over 105,000 SAF tests have been taken since 2007.
  • After taking the SAF test, the sales team is more confident in presenting finance products to customers. Credibility for the team and the business is the main benefit.

    Dealer Principal, Evans Halshaw Citroen Leeds
  • The competence test helps our business to act in a professional manner and speak more knowledgably about car finance. We also use the test as a training tool to help induct new starters at the business.

    Westover Toyota Bournemouth
  • I have been doing the annual SAF test for years, and after completing the test I’m always reminded of just how customer-focused our industry is and needs to be. 

    Vines of Guildford
  • The SAF test has helped my confidence when dealing with face-to-face customer enquiries, over the internet and on the telephone, which in turn has made me better at my job. 

    Sales Executive, Border Cars Ltd
  • The SAF test has helped improve our customers experience in showrooms because our sale teams are well-prepared and more confident with finance-related queries.

    Group Finance and Insurance Manager, Westover Group
  • I would like to thank SAF for the up-to-date training material which has helped me boost my knowledge. The information helps my understanding of the car finance regulatory regime.  

    Business Manager, Trust Ford

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